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Chocolates have always delighted us on various different occasions with the great variety of taste and flavor that they possess. They have also always been a part of a forever ongoing debate that whether they are good for one’s health or not. While we can sit and weigh out its advantages against its disadvantages, it cannot be ignored that it is still is going to remain a popular food item with great demand in the market, no matter what critics might say or what health problems it could potentially cause. The mere sight of a chocolate makes it instantly desirable. That being said, we cannot entirely deny that it has some ill-effects that it brings along with it too. As the classic saying goes “Too much of a good thing is bad”, while we may be able to pass off chocolate as a good thing with ease, too much of it can still be detrimental to our health.

Along with the wide variety of sweet and bitter tastes that chocolates bring to us in combination with ice creams, cakes, resins and nuts etc. which we sinfully indulge ourselves into, it surprisingly has a lot of health advantages too. Many people might be unaware of the fact that it actually contains the solution to a lot of health problems. For instance, Tryptophan, a chemical found in chocolate, helps in our brain functioning and induces a feeling of elation. It practically means chocolates make you happy and smart! These chocolates that come in many sizes and shapes including hearts actually prevent heart diseases and protect our cells from toxins (being rich in anti-oxidants). Another chemical found in chocolates, Flavonoids can help felicitate the blood flow and prevent premature aging. Chocolates help prevent sunburns, so if you are going out to a sunny place, have chocolates! Current studies have proven that it slows down the decline of nervous activities which happens with age. It is also advisable to have a bit of a chocolate treat after every meal. Not only does it immerse your taste buds in heavenly joy but it actually improves digestion too. So basically if one wants a healthy life both physically and mentally, have more chocolates!

Unfortunately, this is where the problems start arising. Chocolate might seem the solution to many problems and one would even listen to the previously said statements and start having more chocolates for a moment, but crossing limits in chocolate consumption may lead to many problems. It is worth noting here that chocolates have very high calorie content, higher event than an equal amount of beef jerky. So while we can have it after meals to improve digestion, if we go out of our limits we may end up being fat instead. Chocolate owes its sweet taste to the obvious high sugar content. While the sweet taste may not be harmful to us, a diet high in sugar may cause heart diseases. Not to mention the tooth decay that sugars promote. Many people attribute their addiction to chocolates due to the amazing taste that they possess. But along with the sweet taste chocolate also contains elements that have addictive properties like theobromine, phenethylamine-induces mood elevation; and caffeine. None of the mentioned compounds are healthy for our health if taken in excess. The vasoactive amine content may even lead to migraine problems. Finally, those who suffer from recurring and active herpes infection are advised to stay away from dark chocolates as they have a high quantity of arginine which is a necessity in the replication of the herpes virus.

It is literally impossible for anything to be absolutely healthy for us. Chocolates are no different. We have the good side and the bad side of chocolates. The only possible conclusion would be to enjoy these sweet treats only on occasions and in limits. Unless you are a kid, then you can have as many chocolates as you want, provided you brush your teeth at night.